Bale Net Wrap

Bale Net Wrap

100% Virgin HDPE Agricultural Biodegradable Silage Bale Net Wrap

General Details
bale net wrap

Bale Net Wrap is a netting material made from polyethylene yarn by raschel loom machine. It has the same knitting pattern with pallet net wrap and the only difference is on the weight. Normally, the pallet net wrap is around 4g/m, while the bale net wrap should be over 6g/m.
Over the years bale netting has become an attractive alternative to twine for the wrapping of round hay bales.

bale net wrap


ItemSilage Bale Net Wrap
width1m, 1.22m, 1.23m, 1.62m, 1.7m or by requirement
Rolls length2000m, 2134m, 2500m, 3000m or by requirement
FunctionReduce weather related spoilage
ColorGreen, white or by requirement
Material100% new HDPE
Typewarp knitted
PackingRolls on cardboard tubes, 16 or 12 rolls on one pallet


· Reduced Time to Wrap
· Ideal for Silage Bales. The smooth netting surface saves on the use of stretch film. When ready to feed, film and netting are removed together, as one unit.
· Easy Removal. It’s easy to cut and remove, with no fear of lost ends and also offers reduced bulk in disposal.
· Whole full width bale coverage
· Improved Quality of Hay
· Reduce weather related loss
· Easier to use than Twine

hay bale net wrap

Packaging & Shipping

bale net wrap packaging

The per pallet quantity is not fixed. It depands on the order size for bale net wrap. Each roll has a label with information on the product and length.


Bale Net Wrap is designed to provide a higher quality result at a lower cost.The net is suitable for all crops (hay, straw, silage) under all weather conditions and enhances water shedding ability.

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