Cherry Tree Rain Cover

Cherry Tree Rain Cover

Made of HDPE woven waterproof tarpaulin cloth with reinforced selvage, our cherry rain cover tarpaulins are ideal for rain protection of cherry trees.

General Details

Cherry Tree Rain Cover / Clear Woven Greenhouse


Made of HDPE woven waterproof tarpaulin cloth with reinforced selvage, our cherry tree rain cover tarpaulins are ideal for rain protection of cherry trees. This woven reinforced polyethylene (RPE) greenhouse plastic is designed for applications where super strength and stability is needed. The woven reinforced design will stand up to the harshest climate conditions such as high winds and hail. High UV stabilization makes it suitable for multi season use. The Scattered light makes the fruits and plants get evenly sunlight. It’s higher tensile strength makes it hard to be teared out, and life span is over 2 times than the blow molding film.

clear woven tarp


· High tensile strength and puncture resistance

· Light weight hence ease of handling
· Outstanding flexibility hence suited to cover irregular shapes
· Tough and durable
· Heat sealed hemming with strong joints; no stiches
· Protective UV stabilized on both sides and hence lasts longer even in sunny outdoors
· Fire retardant
· Resistant to Stains Acids, Dyes and most Chemicals
· 100% waterproof, leak proof, weatherproof, oil proof and rot proof
· Easily repairable and cost-effective
· 100% recyclable; environment-friendly
· Available in a variety of custom colors and GSM
· Custom fabrications are available to meet your needs exactly

woven greenhouse

· Virgin Materials
100% Virgin Materials with Laminations

· High Strength and Durable
High Tensile Strength with Engineered Reinforcements

clear woven greenhouse

· Reinforced Selvage
Reinforced Selvage for Easy Installation

· Choice of Color & GSM
Available in Varied Colors from Light to Heavy Duty Weights


Material100% virgin reinforced HDPE coated with LDPE waterproof lamination with UV stabilizer
Weight120gsm, 130gsm, 140gsm, 150gsm, 160gsm, 180gsm, 200gsm or customized
Length50m,100m or customer requirement
Width1m-24m or as you request
Light≥ 88%
FunctionTensile strength and resistance to pressure and wind
FeaturesAnti-UV, anti tearing, anti-aging, anti-hail, etc
Color transparent
Delivery time Within 35 days after receiving the prepayment


Production of Cherry, berry and other soft fruits is uncertain as it depends on weather conditions and insects; Cherry Rain Cover Tarpaulins are the grower’s best protection against Rain Cracking and other damage caused by rainfall at the wrong time, while providing a Micro-climate for Crop growing.

High quality strong fabric greenhouse film could be used for private home garden house,low tunnel,high tunnel,multi-span greenhouse waterproofing,keep damp of soil,control temperature in four seasons,protect vegetables and fruits from the invasion of birds and insect,long durable anti frost and heavy snow and rain outside.

rain cover tarpaulin


Agriculture greenhouse fabric film packed in bale or in roll with strong PP bag.

rain cover tarp packaging
clear fruit fabric
woven greenhouse film
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