Prepreg Release Film

Prepreg Release Film

Poly Backer is a clear, low temperature plastic release film. Special Size Can Be Made Accordingly to Customers' Requirement

General Details


plastic film

Poly Backer is a clear, low temperature plastic release film. With a meltpoint of 120 centigrade, it is designed for use in prepreg processing up to 120centigrade and will release from all resin system. Two type of Backer, perforated film and non-perforated film.Non-perforated film is used between tool and resin to prevent the resin stickto the tool. Perforated film can be applied in between prepreg and breatherfabric to prevent two resin from sticking. The thickness of the film is 0.16mm.

·Excellent stretching and strength
·Quiet and easy to use
·Excellent cling
·Superior puncture resistance
All the products are available in various sizes and thickness according to the end use requirements.

plastic film
Technical Indicators
IndexStandard Reference
Melting Point °C>120GB4608-84
Tensile strength Mpa≥14GB1040-92
Elongation at break %≥280GB1040-92
Copper content ppm≤20
Manganese content ppm≤10
Acetone extract %≤1.5
Film Specifications
Width mmDeviation mmThickness mmDeviation mmWeight g/m2Deviation g/m2
AdditivesPrimary Benefit
Anti-StaticStatic buildup resistance
Slip/Anti-block AgentsImproved film to film slip & blocking
UV StabilizersResistance to effects of sunlight
Color PigmentsAdd color pigment concentrates to film

Note: In addition to the above specifications of products, we can also product as customer’s requirement.

plastic film


plastic film
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