Pool Cover Cable and Winch

Pool Cover Cable and Winch

Above Ground Swimming Pool winter cover cable and winch. Secure your winter pool cover to reduce damage!

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cable and winch

Above Ground Swimming Pool winter cover cable and winch. Secure your winter pool cover to reduce damage! Our Winch for your above ground pool cover cable is constructed of durable metal that will not rust. Secure your winter cover around your above ground pool simply and easily by tightening the cable with the Winch.
Plastic coated steel cable can be used to replace a worn or broken winter cover cable. The winch is used for tightening the cable to secure your winter pool cover, thread both ends of the cable through the winch after you have pulled the cable all the way around the pool then just wind the hand crank and tighten the cable.

cable and winch for pool cover

Constructed of rust resistant metal
Butterfly style hand crank
For use with above ground pool winter covers

pool cover winch

How to attach a winter cover?

One of the first things you’ll need to attach the pool cover are cover clips. The cover clips act as an extra set of hands to get your cover in position initially. This is important especially if you have a larger pool because it can be quite difficult to mount your cover to your pool. When using cover clips, ensure the flat side is facing away from the pool and the curved side is against the pool. An added benefit to the cover clips is protection against wind getting under the cover as well.
To attach the winter cover, then ensure the cover is about 6” below the pool frame. To do so, start at the bottom of the frame and roll the cover forward. Repeat this step until the pool is covered.
After the cover is attached to the pool, it still needs to be secured with the cover clips. Once the clips are in place, then run the cable through the grommets.
Finally, the cable needs to be secured, which will need the winch. To secure the cable, feed the cable through one end passing through the center. Take the other end of the cable and feed it through the center to the other end of the winch (see picture below).

After both ends of the cable are fed through the center of the winch, start to turn the handle. As the handle turns, the pool cover will become taught to the pool itself.

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