Snow Removal Tarp

Snow Removal Tarp

PVC Snow Tarps Construction Snow Removal Tarp

General Details

Lifting snow tarps are most commonly used during concrete construction in the brutal winter months. The night before a snow storm rolls approaches, contractors will lay snow removal tarp out over the exposed rebar or other part of the jobsite. As the snow falls, it settles onto of the vinyl tarps rather than in between the concrete rebar or on top of material and equipment. After the storm clears, the tarps are lifted using a crane or lifting equipment and the snow is efficiently removed.

Lifts Construction Debris & Roofing Materials

For Disposal Tear Resistant Vinyl Fabric

Water resistant

Quality Stitching & Fabrication Demolition

Tarp are also used as Snow Tarps from covering areas during construction and removing snow.


*For use snow removal tarp with freshly fallen snow only

*Never use a damaged, torn or ripped snow removal tarp

*Not designed to move equipment, tools, construction paraphernalia, supplies or other jobsite items

*Webbing must always face down when being used

*Never stand under snow removal tarp that is in use

*Never maneuver/move snow removal tarp over jobsite personnel or buildings that may contain jobsite personnel.



1.Protect Your Job Site:allowing your job site to feel as though snow never fell at all.

2.Protect Your Roofing Projects:protect roofing projects from snowfall can keep your work surfaces dry.

3.Protect Your Landscaping: perfect to cover hay or protect other agricultural projects.

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