Tree Watering Bag

Tree Watering Bag

Slow Release Tree Watering Bag for Tree Drip Irrigation




Tree watering bag is quite suitable for newly planted trees in summer. Newly planted trees lose much of their root system during digging. Because of this,
they are much less effective at taking up water, and thus require much more water than established trees. Do not let water restrictions discourage you from planting new trees.

PE Tree Watering Bag

pe tree watering bag

PVC Tree Watering Bag

PVC Tree Watering Bag


· REDUCE WATERING TO ONCE A WEEK – Innovative Design Lets You Reduce Watering To Once A Week By Bringing Water Deep Beneath Soil, Guaranteeing Complete Saturation Even, Continuous Growth With Strong Root Foundations – Smarter Way To Water That Saves You Time And Effort
· EASY SETUP – Placing Bags Is Simple: Just Wrap Around Any Tree (up To 4″ In Dia.), Pull The Zipper Up, And Fill Up To 20 Gallons Of Water. If You Want To Wrap Them Around Bigger Trees, You Can Even Zip Multiple Bags Together.
· Micro-perforated release points along bottom seam
· 100% water concentration, conserves water by preventing run-off
· Made with commercial grade UV stabilized coated polyethylene
· Delivery water directly to root with no run-off or evaporation
· Full bag takes five to eight hours to complete watering
· Eco-friendly design prevent transplant shock & draught stress while saving time & conserving

tree watering bag
tree watering bag
garden tree watering bag

STEP 1 – Wrap both sides of watering bag for trees around tree trunk and zip it up. Make sure that the bottom of the bog is correctly unfolded.
STEP 2 – Fill bag to 1/4 capacity with hose. Lift up gently on straps at top of bag, and fill bag with water. Bag will be empty in approximately 5-8 hours.
STEP 3 – Refill bag with clean water every 4-7 days as needed. If using pre-mixed water-soluble fertilizer, make sure that it is dissolved.
STEP 4 – The bag will fit around trees up to 40 cm girth. Do not unzip the bag when full of water. Rinse the bag inside once in a while to avoid plugged drip holes. Be careful to not tear or rip fill opening.

tree watering bag
tree watering bag